Giant Dalibor Farny R568M Tube – USB powered Solitube Nixie Clock



A clock displaying the time with only a single digit!

The clock flashes up the time in the sequence HHMM, with appropriate pauses between each digit, and a longer pause between each time cycle ie. H.H…M.M…..H.H…M.M…. and so on. It is really very intuitive, and once you ‘get it’, it is really obvious and simple to read the time!
IMG_3645Click on the image below to see the effect! 😉

A giant single nixie tube clock with the gorgeous 568M Nixie Tube

· 12 or 24 hour modes
· Uses 5V USB Power
· Uses a Quartz Crystal Oscillator as the timebase
· Optional GPS or WiFi synchronisation with status indicator LED
· Dedicated DST button to switch between DST and standard time
· Supercapacitor backup. Keeps time during short power outages
· Simple time setting using two buttons
· Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely the set time
· Programmable night mode blanking to save tubes or prevent sleep disturbance
· Programmable RGB tube lighting – select YOUR favourite colour
· Not AC frequency dependent – works in all countries
· All user preferences stored to non-volatile memory

A fine CNC machine case

Two-tone case CNC machined from 6061 Aluminium. A precision CNC machined case, black anodized then re-machined to attractively expose bare metal on the fins. Supplied with a matching laser cut and engraved base cover in clear Perspex (‘Plexiglass’).

Time sync via WiFi

The clock is always in sync with the optional wifi sync module.

About the tube

Each tube is Handmade by Dalibor Farny Factory in the Czech Republic. They invest 3 hours to craft each individual nixie tube by hand to precision. The expected lifetime of a Dalibor Farny Nixie Tube is over 20 years or 200.000 hours (running 24/7)

3 options are available for the clocks in this store and you can add them in your cart:

  • the Motion Sensor (option) powers down the high voltage to extend the life of the nixies tubes.

The motion sensor is a unique feature and it works really well. Plugs in the back of the clock and senses when the room is empty. 

  • the GPS module is responsive and overall get the time from satellite for a unique precision.

Automatically synchronises time and date on our compatible clock kits
Works anywhere in the world – all countries.
Data is sent to the clock at 9,600 bps – please be sure to configure your clock to 9,600 bps
High Sensitivity GPS receiver with 3 metre / 10 ft cable
Does not need to be close to a window to find satellites
3 metre / 10 ft cable included
Cable plugs into the jack socket on the rear of the clock
Powered by the clock  – no separate power supply needed

  • the Wifi Module gets time from the internet brought to you by your wifi network.

 This device connects to your wireless network and uses Network Time Protocol to set the time.
The innovative setup process is straight forward.It mimics the GPS module by sending data to the clock in the same format, the setup is the same for both.
The result being a time accurate clock that can be placed anywhere where there is a WiFi signal and as such it is not dependant on the availability of a GPS or Radio time source.


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