Collector Giant Nixie Clock – Mod_Six Clock: a masterpiece with 6 B-7971 nixie tubes – Museum quality huge clock


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You don’t really get an idea of the size of this clock from this picture, but it is big! The clock is over 20″ wide and 7″ tall. Each digit (just the lit part) is 2½” tall.


GEN II” version of the clock, which would include both GPS time synchronization and a temperature display – and best of all, the GPS receiver was connected to a short-range radio repeater module, so there wouldn’t be any of the usual “let’s order a bunch of 10-foot PS/2 extension cords and see if we can get the GPS receiver to work 30 feet away from the clock” silliness.



  • 6 B-7971 Nixie tubes

The tubes are nearly 50 years old, they are really beautiful but now difficult to find, and the prices are high.

You can download the user manual from BadNixie website


  1.     Auto generated user configurable 6 and/or 4 letter word displays

  2.      Multiple word lexicon selection options with user selectable display routines.

  3.      FOB for remote control of all clock functions (can be paired with multiple clocks).

  4.      Multiple user configurations for ambient low light conditions- Unique feature in the Nixie world!

  5.      Two independently programmable ON/OFF timers – most have one, at best!

  6.      RPTR-OLED can be located 50-100 feet from clock and drive multiple MOD-SIX’s.

  7.      1/4” thick custom machined Acrylic clock enclosure.

  8.      Elegant fade-in/fade-out illumination feature for neon NE-2 colons –UNIQUE among all major Nixie clocks.

  9.      Rotary encoder user interface – no awkward floppy switches to fumble with.

  10.      Extensive display font catalogue – UNIQUE among Nixie clocks!

  11.      QUIKSET time-set feature, most require multiple menu steps to access!

  12.      Gold Standard Maxim DS3232 RTC time base for unprecedented accuracy, even without GPS!

  13.      Tube life timer to track the life of your precious B7971’s.

  14.      Built-in Tube Segment test function.

  15. Automatic Daylight Savings Time compensation, — no need to remember to switch manually.

  16.      Highest quality Stainless Steel fasteners and hardware make this device SHOWPIECE quality!


This clock has lots of built in fonts and some are defiantly more legible than others.  The fonts only are used when changing the time; they do not apply to the menu items.  The reason that it is setup this way is to prevent a user from selecting a hard-to-read font and then not being able to read the menu items.  Be sure to watch the end of the video to see the font demonstration.


The Menu

The menu on this device is awesome.  All of the user input is done via the rotary encoder.

Most importantly: setting the time is easy.  If the user briefly pushes on the knob, he is presented with the option to set the time.  Simply turning the knob adjusts the highlighted value and pressing the knob in advances to the next option HH->MM->SS.

If the user long-presses the knob, they are taken to the menu.  Each menu item is displayed, in text, one at a time as the user rotates the knob.  Pressing the knob enters that particular sub menu.  This may sound a little confusing but it is very intuitive in person.  Be sure to watch the end of the video to see the menu options on display.

  • Time
  • Font
  • Day
  • Date
  • Month
  • Year
  • DST MD (DST Mode on/off)
  • Dim (the dim-level value)
  • Bright (the bright-level value)
  • LVLSET (ambient light level to switch from dom to bright)
  • TM OFF (turn off display at this time)
  • TM ON (turn on the display at this time)
  • DOT MD (dot mode – determines how the colon separates operate)
  • AM/PM
  • XFade
  • DATEMD (how frequently the date is displayed)
  • DATEDL (How long to wait before displaying the date at the top of a minute)
  • YEAR D (display year)
  • 12/24
  • LZ SUP (leading zero suppression)
  • LED MD (LED Mode – on/off/auto)
  • QWKSET (Enable the quick set menu for setting time)
  • FNCAT (font catalog)
  • Factory (factory reset)
  • TUBETM (display the tube timer)
  • SEGTST (segment test)
  • ENCDIR (set rotary encoder direction)
  • PWMVAL (set the PWM value)
  • LDRTST (display the ambient light level)
  • EXIT

[The keyfob]

One of the interesting features is a keyfob which can be used to configure all of the clock’s options via a convenient remote control.







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